Frequently Asked Questions and answers


How long does it take to process my application and set up my account?
It usually takes between 5-24 hours to set up your account. A real person reviews every application to make sure we can provide the best service for you. When your application is processed you will receive an email notification.

What type Bandwidth or transfer capability do you offer? Subdimension Hosting offers Premium Optical Bandwidth with direct, fast and reliable connectivity to the Internet via multiple OC-12 connections to over 75 diverse providers. Making sure your data can be reached, viewed, updated, and accessible with incredible connectivity and network strength.

Do you offer any uptime guarantee? Yes! Subdimension, guarantees 99.9% server uptime. Subdimension will provide your mission-critical data with the ultimate in network performance, security, bandwidth management, and Internet connections.

Will Subdimension Web Hosting register a domain name for me?
Yes! You can use your own registrar or if you prefer we will be happy to register your domain and set everything up for you. If you already have a domain registered we will be glad to help you point it to our servers.

I already have a domain, can I move it to your server? YES! Your domain is yours and you can point it to us by simply changing the nameservers assigned to it. Our support department will be glad to assist you.

Can I have http://whatever.yourdomain.com (subdomains)? Sure! These are called subdomains. Depending on the plan you choose, you may have a number of sub-domains that you can add to you domain account in your control panel. . If you want you may have an additional FTP login username and password for sub-domain as well. You may also have an additional email account with a separate POP account also. Every additional domain you add to your account will also create a subdomain, for example mynewdomain.com will also be available as mynewdomain.yourdomain.com so you can immediately preview the domain even before the nameserver changes from your registrar take effect. This can all be setup using your control panel and at your domain registrar(where you have your domain registered).

What if I need more POP Email accounts/MySQL Databases? No problem! If you need more POP email or FTP accounts or MySQL databases than what comes with your package contact us and we can add services or upgrade your account if you request.

Do you support Front page? We offer the latest Front Page Extensions on our servers. We do not provide technical support for getting started with Front page. We do provide support if you use FTP.

Do you support Streaming Audio? We do not run a Real Streaming server, however there is a second option.
1) Take the .rm or .ra file you have created, and upload it to the server (Make sure you upload it in BINARY mode).
2) Create a text file with the full URL to the .rm or .ra file on one line inside of the text file and save it as <filename>.ram (Replace <filename> with the name of the streaming file you would like to use.
3) Upload the .ram text file to the server (Make sure you upload it in ASCII mode).
4) Go to the URL of the .ram file
(Example: http://my-domain.com/streaming_file.ram) in your web browser.
5) RealPlayer or RealOne should open up and starting playing the streaming file.
This should do what you would like. It cannot stream live events, only prerecorded media. Please remember, audio and video streaming will count towards your monthly bandwidth, and can use an excessive amount if not monitored correctly.

Do I have access to a control panel? But of course! You have the latest cPanel control panel. CPanel is the most popular system used. You may add features to your web site and change email settings, mailboxes, counters, chat rooms, forms, stats programs, add domains, add sub domains, etc. Your confirmation email will have more instructions on using the control panel.

What does the control panel look like/What features does it have?
Try out a demo HERE use username cpdemo password cpdemo if prompted.
Note: features may vary from demo depending on your account selection.

Can I get a dedicated IP or SSL Certificate?
Dedicated IP's are not usually needed unless you require an SSL Certificate for your shopping cart. If you need an IP we can provide them. Static IP's are obtained from a registry service which does charge for them. Pricing is $5/month per static IP.

If you need an SSL Certificate we can provide a 2 year certificate for $149.00 and we will obtain and install the certificate for you. This is the easiest solution available and avoids the common technical problems encountered when customers attempt to obtain and install their own certificates. No headaches for you, we take care of everything. This special only applies to the 19.95/month or higher accounts.

How do I enable SSI in my HTML pages?
To take advantage of Server Side Includes(SSI) in your web page, make sure the web page has the extension .SHTML and not .HTML

How will my page be called by web browser? With all domain accounts anyone can access your page by typing http://www.yourdomain.com or http://yourdomain.com

How long will it take before I can start Uploading to my site? As soon as you receive the confirmation email from us.

How long until my domain name is active? This usually takes anywhere from 1-3 days and is not related to us or our servers. You will, however, be able to start uploading your pages immediately after activation to your directory. You can also access your web site via an address that will be provided in the confirmation email until domain registration is completed.

How soon do we reply to emailed questions? As soon as possible! The actual time depends. There is someone on site 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week monitoring the servers and Internet connection. We process emails as soon as we can, giving higher priority to outages and non-working email problems. We want to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. We always reply to email but it can take from 1 to 24 hours depending on the circumstances and urgency. If you send email using an invalid email address you will not receive our reply, please make sure you use a valid and working email address as the reply to address.

Do you host adult sites?
No, we do not host any porn or adult related sites. We are strong supporters of free speech but we have a business to run and adult sites are not conducive to running an efficient business. For both legal reasons and bandwidth reason(adult sites are huge bandwidth wasters) we do not provide hosting for adult sites.

Can I send Bulk E-mail, SPAM, Etc.? NO, We cannot be connected to this type of activity. Here is the reason: Many ISP's will block mail connections from servers that are known to deliver spam. This creates problems with auto responders. So please just don’t send spam! What is spam? We define spam as Any commercial email sent to multiple persons over a short period of time that is not in direct response to a question, a direct result of a recent purchase, or a legitimate notification of an update or patch. This means if you have a database of customers and notify them of a new product, then you are sending spam and it will result in your account being suspended. Hiding a notice or checkbox in a checkout form or license agreement is not a valid means of obtaining authorization to send commercial email. If your customers have not gone to your web page, selected an option requesting to subscribe to a newsletter, then received a confirmation email AND responded to it, then they have not authorized the sending of any emails to their email address. We do not tolerate any spam.

What if I go over my disk space allotment? We do set quotas on our servers so if you happen to use your disk space you will then have the choice of buying more space or changing plans or you can review your files and remove un-needed files to free up space.

Is the server ever down? We have an impressive 99.9% up time so your site is reachable by the world practically all the time. Like all providers our servers must be taken down from time to time for upgrades or maintenance or to replace equipment that fails. This is the real world and things happen. We do everything we can to prevent down time. Our business is on these servers too!

What kind of help can you give me? We are here to help! Just Ask! We understand all this web stuff may be a little to much if you have never done it before. We must limit our support to matters relating to your account. We will be glad to help you upload your web page or answer specific questions about using our servers and our cgi paths etc.

Does Subdimension Web hosting Allow Chat rooms? Chat rooms tend to be hogs on bandwidth but as long as the script is written well and it does not cause any system problems then you are more than welcome to use it. Do remember that if you use up an excessive amount of a servers resources then we will recommend you move to a dedicated server. IRC type chat rooms are not allowed.

Do we offer custom cgi scripts? Sure do! We have guest books, logging, stats scripts, chat, bulletin board, plus many more. You can also find many many scripts on the Internet for free.

What do you do if my traffic will be over limit?
You will receive a notice when you have reached 80% of your monthly allowance. If your traffic increases to an unusually high level it may be temporarily suspended and you will be contacted by our support staff.

Do you allow terminal (SSH) access?
No. For security reasons we do not allow SSH or Telnet access. You can do anything normally needed through FTP or the Control Panel.

What is catch-all email box?
Every mail sent to your domain goes into your mailbox. No setup is necessary. You can send email to any email address that ends in yourdomain.com and it will go to your mailbox! You can define separate accounts for sales@yourdomain.com, support@yourdomain.com, etc. if you want to.

These are also called unlimited email aliases because all mail for your domain goes automatically to your main mailbox. You also can create forwarding aliases eg. mail sent to test@yourdomain.com is forwarded to user@yahoo.com.

You can setup additional mailboxes for employees, family, friends and they can access their mail using outlook or the web based email system. Full instructions are sent with your confirmation email.

Do you allow custom 404 and other Error pages?
Yes you can set several custom error pages through your control panel, so if a customer tries a page that no longer exists they can be redirected to your main web site instead of getting a generic error.

Do you offer a shopping cart, online order form or buy now button?
Yes, Agora shopping cart is available from your control panel. You can also install many 3rd party shopping cart systems and most credit card processing companies provide shopping carts as well. You may want to explore CubeCart which has a free version and SunShop. Paypal also has a shopping cart system that you can use for paypal payments or credit card payments.

My web-based business is new, how do I charge customers' credit cards online?
Once your account is setup we will be happy to help you setup online billing so you can accept credit cards. It is quite simple. You may also want to look into accepting Paypal if you are starting a small web business. We will provide a list of companies and contacts to help you setup a payment system.

How Do I Register a Domain Name?
Registering a domain name is very easy. We can do it for you or you can use any of the established registrars such as dotster.com or godaddy.com or a similar registration service. There you can find out if the domain name is available and register it immediately. Set the nameservers to our nameserver names and then add your new domain under your control panel.

This other hosting company offers unlimited bandwidth/space/transfer/love
It is not possible for a web host to offer 'unlimited' bandwidth or disk space. Such hosting plans always come with clauses that restrict how much bandwidth you can transfer at a given moment, how much CPU usage you can use (which is arbitrarily decided), and so forth. They also may use something called 'throttling' which limits the amount of bandwidth you can use automatically on a minute by minute basis by slowing connections to your web site This way they can 'claim' unlimited bandwidth but actually they know it is not possible for any one customer to use more than a fixed amount of bandwidth in a month. This also makes your web site seem slow.

What exactly is space and bandwidth/data transfer?
Disk space. is the size your web site can be. Every single letter on your web site has to be stored somewhere on your web host's server. Each letter is one byte, and a megabyte is roughly one million bytes. HTML pages are usually very small, but it is the extra images, scripts, and even databases that can take up large amounts of disk space.

Bandwidth/Transfer is the amount of data the server will allow your site to send in a month. Transfer is usually measured in gigabytes - billions of bytes. This depends on the number of visitors to your web site and how big your web site is. A site with a lot of large images and a lot of visitors will use a lot more bandwidth than a web site with a few text pages and the same number of visitors.

How do I track how many hits my web site gets?
There are a few things that need to be cleared in terms of terminology:
Hits - this simply refers to the number of 'elements' loaded on your site. If one page has five images in it, viewing that page once adds 6 hits (one page + five images).

Impressions - the number of times all the pages on your site are seen (also simply called pageviews). Impressions are sometimes referred to as 'hits' which can cause confusion

Unique Visitors - the number of people that visited your site

So to clarify, if I visit your web site, look at two pages, and each page has 5 images on it, then your stats increase by one unique, two page views, and 12 hits.

You can find statistics in your Control Panel.

How do I upload my site online?
Uploading your site can be done in many ways, but the most popular is FTP.

When your hosting account was created, you would have been provided with an FTP account. Using software such as SmartFTP, CuteFTP or WS_FTP, you can log into your host. Then, using the program like a normal windows program, you can drag and drop files onto your web host. These files become live online instantaneously. These programs can be found at common download sites like download.com or hotfiles.com

I am using too much bandwidth! Is there anyway for me to reduce my usage?
In most cases, yes.

You should first try to optimize the graphics on your web site Many GIFs look just as good as jpegs but have fewer colors, and many JPEGs look just as good with a higher compression level. NetMechanic.com offers an image optimizer program online.

You should also analyze the HTML of your site. Make sure you use relative paths, so that images are not downloaded more than one time. For example use href=index.html and not index=http://www.yourdomain.com/index.html

Best of all, optimizing your page like this makes the user experience better as your site will load faster for them!

Do you have an 800 number ?
We offer support by email, through the support page and by online chat. We have found that phone support is very inefficient and a huge unnecessary expense because someone has to be there to man the phone. By removing this expense we can provide a better quality of service for a lower price. Email is checked throughout the day and we can respond very rqpidly to any question/problem, plus email provides the opportunity to thoroughly review and respond to questions without the pressure to 'get a quick answer' on the phone that may not be as complete as we would like. We may add 800 support in the future if there is enough demand.

What is your Privacy Policy ?
You can find our Privacy Policy on the Terms Of Service page HERE.






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